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Grout & Tile Marker

Grout & Tile Marker
Grout & Tile Marker
Grout & Tile Marker
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Grout & Tile Marker
Grout & Tile Marker
Grout & Tile Marker
Grout & Tile Marker
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Don’t Bleach Your Grout – Renew It!

Don’t waste your time and money with the lengthy process of bleaching and re-doing your grout lines. Renew your grout lines with the Grout-Aide Grout & Tile Marker.
With the Grout & Tile Marker simply color over your previously existing grout lines for a new, fresh look. Keep to the same color or change the color of your grout with any of our designer colors.

Covers Grout Stains

Tired of looking at old, distressed grout line? Are your grout lines constantly looking dirty? A quick touch-up with the Grout & Tile Marker covers grout stains leaving your tile surface looking brand-new.

Change Your Grout Color

With the Grout & Tile Marker you can give your grout lines a new look. Going from white to black, black to white or any color in between with our designer colors.

Adjustable Coverage

The Grout-Aide Grout & Tile Marker gives you full control of your grout lines. If you’re wanting a deeper color, simply add a second layer with Grout & Tile Marker. If you want a lighter shade, dip the fiber nib in water before applying the grout paint.

Fast Drying & Non-Toxic

There’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals with the Grout & Tile Marker. Our unique water-based formula is safe around kids & pets, sets fast and leaves a long-lasting appearance to your grout lines.

  • Covers Grout Stains
  • Fast Drying
  • Permanent on Most Surfaces
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless
  • Adjustable Coverage
  • Covers 175 Linear Feet
  • Reversible Nib Extends the Life of Your Product
  • Stroke Size: 2.3 mm
  • Safe for Children & Pets