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Winter Heater

3 in 1 Cleaning Set for Screen PC, Laptops, Monitors, Mobiles, LCD, LED, TV
-67 %
Best Quality 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit supplied with High quality clothes to clean your LCD LED neatly..Included soft, reusable microfiber cloths and keyboard brush wipes cleanly without scratching your sensitive electronics.Unique solution easily removes dirt, dust, and stubborn fingerprints.Perfect for ..
KD 1.000 KD 3.000
Mini Wall Outlet Wonder Heater Pro 900W
-70 %
Electric Mini Heater Portable 900W 220V EU Plug-in Wall-outlet Space Fan HeaterFeatures:- Portable mini heater, is convenient and practical.- High efficiency heating materials to heat up through the air, safety, energy saving.- Use convenient, just plug in, turn on the switch to have the warm air.Pa..
KD 2.990 KD 10.000
Mini Wall-Outlet Flame Display Small Electric Heater 1000W
-47 %
This mini heater plugs right into the outlet,Designed with vivid flame light, not only warm your body, but also encourage your spirit.The plug of machine can be rotated 180 degree to accommodate different heights and positions of power sockets, just plug the heater directly into the wall outlet (no ..
KD 3.990 KD 7.500
Potop Electric Fan Heater 2000W
-75 %
Electric Fan HeaterThis 2000 watts Electric Fan Heater has a 3 heat setting that works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source (e.g. a heating element). This heats up the air, which then leaves the heater, warming up the surrounding room. They can heat an enclosed space such as a room faster t..
KD 2.990 KD 12.000
Potop luxel 4 tubes fan Heater 1600W
-69 %
1:4 Heat setting:400W/800W/1200W/1600W 2:Overheat protection                                 3:heating element with quartz tube                       ..
KD 3.990 KD 13.000
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