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Beauty Care

Beebird Earwax Inspection Camera 1080P FHD Digital Wireless Otoscope with 6 LEDs 3.5mm Ultra Thin Ear Cleaner Earwax Cleaner Compatible with iPhone & iPhone Android Black..
KD 6.000
Power Readers Glasses for Men And Women
-42 %
Clear Focus : Now you can wear just one pair of reading glasses for all your vision needs! Readers adjust to the different strengths you require without changing glasses.Scope of application: small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be placed in a pocket or bag, very light, suitable for men, wom..
KD 1.750 KD 3.000
Electric Nail Clipper
-33 %
Description: Product: Electric Nail Clipper Material: ABS Size: 78x80x33mm Features: 1. Even children or the elderly can use this electric nail clippers without reading the user manual. The small trash box built into the manicure machine will collect all the nails cut so you don't have to worry abou..
KD 4.000 KD 6.000
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