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 New technology No residue build-up. Low noise - can be used in occupied buildings. Low maintenance. No direct impact components. Narrow profile. Light weight, only 2 lbs. FOR USE  Use in Acoustical, Electrical and Mechanical overhead, floor or wall applications. It only takes 0.1s to..
KD 6.500
 Product  Liquid Insulating Tape Repair Rubber Electrical Wire Cable Coat Fix Line Glue Liquid Insulation Paste Application : Bonding of electronic components, electrical equipment, sealing semiconductor materials, electric heaters, electronic instruments, etc. Features : Electri..
KD 0.990
 introduce our high-quality Socket Repair Sets to merchants and retailers outside of China. Our product is designed to help you easily and affordably repair damaged sockets and extend the lifespan of your socket wrenches. In this product introduction, we will discuss the features and benefits o..
KD 14.990 KD 18.990
These products are widely used in homes, effectively and easily remove mold and gelf.Can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, walls, projects, sinks, refrigerators, and anywhere you need to get rid of mold and jellyThis product comes with an easy-to-apply gel formula that can be easily applied to vertica..
KD 1.250
Description ​Powerology 30 Bits Electric Screwdriver Gun is a rechargeable convenient all-in-one tool kit. Its 30 interchangeable functional bits providing a comprehensive solution for various assembly and repair tasks. With 2 to 3 hours of charging time of its 2200mAh battery and 220 RPM motor..
KD 18.900
Description​Powerology 48 Bits Electric Screwdriver Kit is a multi-purpose tool, equipped with 48 interchangeable bits designed to adapt with various screw types. With less than 50 minutes recharging time, its impressive battery life provides the ability of 1 hour of continuous use and a standby tim..
KD 21.900
DescriptionThe Powerology Internal Storage Screwdriver Set is going to enhance your toolbox. This set is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy and is built to last, providing reliability and strength. With its 22 double-ended bits, you have a wide range of solutions for any DIY or repair project y..
KD 5.900
DescriptionPowerology 31-in-1 screwdriver set is a compact and versatile tool with 30 interchangeable, strong and robust bits, providing a comprehensive solution for various screwdriving needs. The kit's durability ensures longevity and resistance, making it appropriate for applications of all sorts..
KD 5.900
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