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Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light

Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light
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Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light
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Enhance your home's safety and convenience with the Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light.

It operates by automatically turning on when it detects motion within the range of 3-6 meters. The light is primarily intended for indoor use and is equipped with a feature that turns it off automatically after 20 seconds when no motion is detected.

It incorporates a high-quality lithium battery that can be recharged for extended use.

The motion sensor light is versatile and can be widely used in various areas such as corridors, wardrobes, stairs, bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets, bars, lockers, bookshelves, and more.

Providing sufficient brightness for illuminating the surroundings.

To facilitate easy installation, the base of the indoor sensor light is attached with a magnetic piece. This allows it to be directly adsorbed onto any iron surface.