REVOGI SMART Wi-Fi LED LIGHT STRIP - 3m + Cloudy Cotton By Revogi

KD 21.000
  • Brand: Revogi
  • Item: # 6930460007506
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في حال شرائك بقيمه تحت ١٠٠دك فتكون رسوم التركيب ٣٠ دك

في حال شرائك بقيمه اكثر من ١٠٠ دك فتكون رسوم التركيب ١٥دك

في حال شرائك بقيمه اكثر من ١٥٠ دك فإن رسوم التركيب تكون مجانية

  • Voice Control: Alexa enabled strip lights, Compatible with Amazon Echo, Dot, Google Home Mini, ect. Go hands free with voice control. You also can dim and set color changing modes with APP or the included remote controller easily.
  • 16 Million Colors include Daylight White: You can change colors, adjustable brightness and choose multiple lighting modes through APP. You also can DIY colors by adjust brightness and saturation.
  • Hassle Free APP Remote Control: Easy to dim and customize color changing modes. Unlike most IR remotes with a control distance of 7-10ft, use your cellphone to control the strip light anytime and anywhere.
  • Simple to Use: Download the app, create an account, and connect to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, then you are ready to go.