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My Salah Mat (Educational Prayer Mat)

My Salah Mat (Educational Prayer Mat)
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My Salah Mat (Educational Prayer Mat)
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My Salah Mat is an interactive prayer mat that is designed to teach children how to perform the Muslim prayer in an enjoyable way through play & technology. My Salah Mat has touch sensitive buttons and pre-recorded keys for the adhan, prayer times, surahs, duas and other essential sounds and instructions. In this way, it will encourage the modern generation of children, many of whom have been using technology from an early age, to love praying and learning.

English, French, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Turkish, Bengali, German, Russian & Spanish

Touch and Play, plays when you stand and perform Salah
• 36 Touch Sensitive Keys
• Learn about Wudu, Ahdan, Surah and Dua
• Connects wirelessly to Bose Soundbars for easier setup and placement, so you can enjoy your entertainment in minutes
• 11 Language operation