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Mosquitos Repellent patch

Mosquitos Repellent patch
Mosquitos Repellent patch
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Continuous Protection All natural eucalyptus/peppermint essential oil, volatile easily, its fragrance lasts for 8 hours. Continuous protection for many hours and ensure the safety of your little one, 360° all-round surround, peace of mind, allowing you to sleep soundly all night.

With Sealed Package Packed in a sealed bag that can protect the active ingredients of the essential oil patch, prevent the loss of its fragrance, slow down the volatilization of the smell, and store it for a longer time.

Child-safe Material The repellent patch is made of high-permeability non-woven fabric that is flexible and breathable, and a non-marking sticker, it will not leave marks on clothes and skin when it is not easy to fall off, and not hurt the garment/skin.

Creative Gift for Kids The non-toxic insect patches are suitable for pregnant women, friends, the elderly, and infants. Everyone can use our safe mosquito repellent stickers.

Wide Application You can stick these repellent stickers anywhere, except on the skin. You can also stick them on your child's schoolbag, hat, stroller, children's bed, etc.