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Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier Elite Filter

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier Elite Filter
Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier Elite Filter
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    Three-layer high-efficiency filtration 

    Effective removal of dust and odours 

    Pollen filtration

    TVOC and odour absorption

    10–14 months long-lasting filter lifespan

    Three layers of powerful purification

    for clean air output

    A primary filter, Xiaomi High Efficiency Filter, and high-iodine activated carbon filter work together to purify your air, defend against respiratory threats and keep you healthy.

    Primary filter

    360° blocking of larger particles

    The primary filter traps dust, hairs, and fine crumbs, among other larger particles, and is resistant to creases, oil, acids, and more to ensure a long lifespan.

    High-iodine value activated carbon for powerful odour removal

    The high-iodine value activated carbon with sophisticated porous structure effectively absorbs odours, TVOC, and other harmful gases.

    Xiaomi's High Efficiency Filter

    99.98% elimination of 0.3μm particles*

    Remove allergens such as PM2.5 and pollen for continuous clean air output.

    10–14 months long-lasting filter for everyday freshness

    Although the integrated filter is durable, its performance may gradually degrade over time. For best results, replace the filter every 10–14 months.