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Phomemo Printer Labels 40x30mm/230Pcs Square - White

Phomemo Printer Labels 40x30mm/230Pcs Square - White
Phomemo Printer Labels 40x30mm/230Pcs Square - White
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[230 pcs] Phomemo Labels for M110/M220/M221, 1.57'' x 1.18''(40 x 30mm), Original, Square, White, 230 Labels/Roll, Multi-Purpose Self-Adhesive Thermal, Also Made for Phomemo M120/M200 Label Maker

About this item

  • COMPATIBILITY ➲ This label is ONLY made for M110/M120/M200/M220 Label Maker for monochrome printing.
  • PRACTICAL LABEL SIZE &#10162 Label size of 1.57in x 1.18in (40mm x 30mm), 230 labels in one roll. Ideal for price labels, name tags, category labels, package stickers and more!
  • STRONG ADHESION &#10162 Phomemo Printer Labels adhere to different surfaces like paper, metal, plastic, glass etc. The secure corners ensures no curling of the labels despite a long time usage. The high quality adhesive stays dry and sticky in storage to protect the label maker machine from jamming or misprinting.
  • LONG PRESERVATION &#10162 The printer labels are waterproof, oil-proof, anti-tear and scratch-resistant, so that you can apply them in your business and household without concern. The coating layer on the surface protects the content from fading or being destructed.
  • EASY PEEL DESIGN &#10162 The gabs in between makes the labels easy to peel off from the back paper. It saves you time if you do package labeling in batches. The labels leave no residue by removal and allows several times reusing on clean surfaces.
phomemo m110 label printer

Features of All Labels for Phomemo M110/M120/M200/M220/M221

Easy to Load The Labels

product label printer

Step 1

Hold both sides of the cover and open upwards, take out the label holder.

label maker machine with tape

Step 2

Remove left side bezel of the holder, put in a label roll (label printing side down). Put the bezel back to clamp the roll, then put back holder.

label maker machine with tape

Step 3

Pull out a little part of the labels above the exit, then close the cover. Turn on printer, press feed button to feed a label (first will be used).

address label maker

Done !

What does Phomemo M110/M120/M200/M220/M221 Can Print?

You can use these printers to print labels: text, picture, barcode label, QR code label, ingredient label, label for retail, clothing, product, address, candle, jars, jewelry, etc, perfect for small business or home use.

How many types of labels are available for Phomemo M110/M120/M200/M220/M221?

Phomemo Original labels are available in 0.8''-2'' (20~80mm) wide, ⅜"-3⅛'' (10-80mm) long.

Colors: Black on White, Blue on White, Clear, Khaki, Lavenderblush, LightCyan

Shapes: rounded rectangle, round, cable labels, jewelry labels

Are Phomemo labels harmful to bodies(especially babies)?